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The Disciple’s Path

Gather.  Connect.  Grow.  Engage.

We believe that those are more than words here at WPC.  In fact, we believe that those four words reflect four fundamental dimensions of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and part of the family of God in this world.  Every Christian needs to:

  • Gather with other believers in worship to offer praise and thanksgiving to God for the salvation we’ve received in Christ
  • Connect with other believers so that we can pray, care, serve and encourage each other as we make our way through the joys and challenges of life together
  • Grow through the study of the written Word of God as those who long to hear, believe and obey the One who speaks to us through it; and,
  • Engage the world around us with words of gospel proclamation and acts of gospel service, and all to the glory of God alone.

We believe that it’s our responsibility as a church to provide our people with the opportunity to develop as disciples in each of these dimensions.  As you’ll see in the pages that follow, the ministries of our church have been designed to ensure that each dimension finds practical expression in the life and work of the congregation in order to help our people live out their calling as a follower of Christ.