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A beacon of hope, offering life & light in Jesus Christ to those in darkness here & around the world

Sunday Morning Discipleship Classes

Sunday School for children, youth and adults begins at 11:10 am.  Classes meet either in the main sanctuary building or Westminster Christian Academy next door.

Small Groups & Bible Studies: WPC offers a variety of small groups for study, fellowship and prayer throughout the week.  For a current list of groups, click here!

  • Home Fellowship Groups

Home Fellowship Groups typically consist of 10-12 adults, men and women, singles and couples.  They provide an informal time to get to know one another, share a meal or refreshments, pray for one another’s needs, and have discussions on how to apply the Scriptures to everyday life. HFGs usually meet twice monthly.

  • Men’s Forums & Bible Studies

Regular get-togethers for small groups of men typically take place in homes or restaurants. They provide an opportunity, in addition to our home groups, for the men of our church to meet, pray, study and discuss God’s truths.

  • Women’s Bible Studies 

Women need times just to be with other women. That’s why we schedule Bible studies, ministry opportunities, discussion groups, special events and retreats just for women. Which will help them extend Christ’s kingdom in the home, church, community and world.

  • Crown Club (for Senior Adults)

We make sure not to ignore our ‘seasoned citizens.’ These folks stay active as they study the Bible together, pray for one another and participate in activities that promote fellowship and fun.