5744 Oakwood Road Huntsville, AL 35806
A beacon of hope, offering life & light in Jesus Christ to those in darkness here & around the world

Children at Westminster get the kind of care, encouragement and teaching to become well-rounded Christian disciples. They learn the fundamental doctrines of the faith and how all of Scripture reveals God’s plan of redemption in Christ.

We welcome your participation in our children’s ministry and pray that you will be blessed in serving our covenant children.  Please contact the church office for more information.


We serve one another as a family in the care and instruction of our children. We work hard to nurture your children by providing a predictable, well-structured and caring environment.

Sunday School

Each week our teachers and curriculum share God’s power and faithfulness as revealed in God’s word.

Summer Vacation Bible School

This 3 day study includes crafts, recreation and lessons that focus on specific Bible topics.

As Dr. John Kwasny has so aptly put it, “The ultimate goal (of children’s ministry) is that lives will be transformed because they see and hear who God is.”