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The presence of flowers in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings and evenings add beauty and warmth to our weekly gatherings for worship as a congregation.

The following guidelines are provided to assist those who would like to provide flowers, whether by donating to purchase flowers, sharing arrangements with the congregation following a wedding or funeral, or by using their talents to arrange flowers cut from their own gardens.

  1. Flowers should be placed on the floor of the platform in front of the pulpit. Arrangements should not be placed on the communion table nor block the sightlines of either the minister or the congregation when he is standing behind the pulpit.
  1. Only live plants or live cut flowers should be used. Arrangements should not incorporate such things as balloons, flags, or stuffed animals.  Flowers cut from home gardens are acceptable.
  1. If a container belonging to the church is used, it must not be taken from the building so that it will be available for use the following Sunday.
  1. Flowers should be centered in front of the pulpit and should always be placed in the plastic plate provided to protect the floor from water damage.
  1. Flowers may be placed in honor or in memory of someone, or to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or in recognition or honor of someone’s achievement. For dedication information to be published in the Sunday bulletin the day an arrangement is placed, it should be submitted via email to the church office no later than 9am on Tuesday of the week the arrangement is to be displayed.
  1. Flower arrangements from a Saturday wedding or funeral may be left in the sanctuary for use during the Sunday worship service. Otherwise, flowers should be in place no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of morning worship on Sunday.
  1. Contributions may be made to the church to purchase flowers for display in the sanctuary by noting “Floral Fund” in the memo line of a check made out to Westminster Presbyterian Church. The church will set a standard amount for Sunday arrangements based on market conditions; any funds remaining after flowers have been purchased will be used to supply flowers on Sundays when no one volunteers to place an arrangement for worship.