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4 Years - 4th grade

Children’s Ministry at Westminster is led by Sydney Knight. Children get the kind of care, encouragement and teaching to become well-rounded Christian disciples. They learn the fundamental doctrines of the faith and how all of Scripture reveals God’s plan of redemption in Christ. We welcome your participation in our children’s ministry and pray that you will be blessed in serving our covenant children.

We are always excited to meet new children and welcome them into our classes and church family!

Sydney Knight

Director of Children's Ministry


Sunday School


Each week our teachers and curriculum share God’s power and faithfulness as revealed in God’s word. We meet at the WCA School Building (down the sidewalk, North of the Church building) at 10:50am. Students walk over together under adult supervision immediately after worship!

Our Sunday school time includes Music time, Supervised Gym/Activity Time, and Class time where children engage in the truths of the Bible.


Great Commissions Publications
(GCP)  - Toddler
Great Commissions Publications
(GCP)  - Preschool
Great Commissions Publications
(GCP) - Younger Elementary
Great Commissions Publications
(GCP) - Middle Elementary

Wednesday Evenings


During the fall and spring quarters, the children meet on Wednesday nights to learn and practice the Westminster Shorter Catechisms and Covenant Theology, with their age respected. We meet in the Narthex of WPC for dinner and fellowship at 5:30, and children walk into the WCA School Building, under adult supervision, at 6:15, for class time!
If you would like to join us, and would like dinner, please call the office by Tuesday, noon, to ensure you are on the sign up list.

Our Wednesday Nights begin January 11 and will run through April 26.


Children’s Beginners Catechism (GCP)
Lead Me to Zion - Covenant Theology
Digging Deeper (GCP) - Westminster Shorter Catechism

weekly Updates

Weekly Parent Newsletter:

When dropping off your child please check in with KidCheck first. Check in stations are located just outside the nursery. If you are a first-time visitor, we can help you create an account to check in. Or you can go to to create your account before you arrive. Stickers will be printed with your child’s name, allergies or medical alerts we need to know about, and the guardian location. If we need to contact you for any reason while your child is in Sunday School, we will send you a text alert to your cell phone.

Book Recommendations

April: Easter

Before I Was Born 
God Knew My Name
By: Carolyn Nystrom

Before I Was Born emphasizes the creational goodness of our bodies, our existence as men and women, and our sexual organs. This book introduces new topics as well, including the growth and change that occur as boys and girls become men and women. It includes a tactful but direct explanation of sexual intercourse between a husband and wife. This book explains in age-appropriate language the basic nature of sexual intercourse between a husband and wife and discusses conception, fetal development, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Recommended for ages 5 to 8 years.

God Made Boys and Girls
Helping Children Understand the Gift of Gender
By: Marty Machowski

In God Made Boys and Girls by Marty Machowski, Maya is playing football during recess with the boys and she can play better than any of them. In jealousy, Lucas tells her that if she continues to play with boys then she will become a boy! The children's teacher Mr. Ramirez makes a point to explain to children that their gender is a gift from the God who makes them and loves them and provides biblical truth that illustrates how we are all made in the image of God as either male or female.

Book Recommendations

April: Easter

Gof Made All Of Me
A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies
By: Justin Holcomb & Lindsey Holcomb

It's easy to convey the message to children that their bodies - or particular parts of their bodies - are shameful. This misconception fuels confusion, embarrassment, and secrecy, and often prevents children from recognizing or reporting sexual abuse. God Made All of Me is a simply-told, beautifully-illustrated story to help families talk about these sensitive issues with two- to eight-year-old children. The book equips parents to talk with both boys and girls about their bodies and to help them understand the difference between the appropriate and inappropriate touch of others. God Made All of Me allows families to build a first line of defense against sexual abuse in the safety of their own homes.

About Being a Boy or a Girl
Discussing Gender and Marriage with Little Ones in Light of God's Word
By: Lisa Updike

In her inviting and understandable way, master storyteller Lisa Updike discusses God’s good plan for making boys and girls different for God’s glory. Using scripture passages throughout, she explains to young children that when people think they know better than God and want to do only what feels good to them, it is sin, and sin is sad. In the final pages, she presents the hope of the gospel and the help God offers through Christ to live for His glory.

Charming illustrations by T. C. Lookabill enhance the lessons taught.

Cassie & Caleb Discover God's Wonderful Design
By: Susan Hunt & Richie Hunt

Join Cassie and Caleb, two energetic and inquisitive children, who discover the beauty of God's wonderful design through twenty beautifully illustrated short stories. Children, ages 5-8, will learn a Biblical framework for living and thinking, God's Word is our authority and His Glory is our purpose, that Jesus is in all of Scripture, and so much more.

Questions or Interested in Serving?

We are always looking to find more people who want to help in the spiritual growth of our children. All of our volunteers that work with children and youth must be approved by our elders and pass a background check. If you would like more information on serving our covenantal children or have other questions about Children's Ministry, please contact Sydney below!