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4 Years - 4th grade

Children’s Ministry at Westminster is led by Sydney Knight. Children get the kind of care, encouragement and teaching to become well-rounded Christian disciples. They learn the fundamental doctrines of the faith and how all of Scripture reveals God’s plan of redemption in Christ. We welcome your participation in our children’s ministry and pray that you will be blessed in serving our covenant children.

We are always excited to meet new children and welcome them into our classes and church family!

Sydney Knight

Director of Children's Ministry


Sunday School


Each week our teachers and curriculum share God’s power and faithfulness as revealed in God’s word. We meet at the WCA School Building (down the sidewalk, North of the Church building) at 10:50am. Students walk over together under adult supervision immediately after worship!

Our Sunday school time includes Music time, Supervised Gym/Activity Time, and Class time where children engage in the truths of the Bible.


Great Commissions Publications
(GCP)  - Toddler
Great Commissions Publications
(GCP)  - Preschool
Great Commissions Publications
(GCP) - Younger Elementary
Great Commissions Publications
(GCP) - Middle Elementary

Wednesday Evenings


During the fall and spring quarters, the children meet on Wednesday nights to learn and practice the Westminster Shorter Catechisms and Covenant Theology, with their age respected. We meet in the Narthex of WPC for dinner and fellowship at 5:30, and children walk into the WCA School Building, under adult supervision, at 6:15, for class time!
If you would like to join us, and would like dinner, please call the office by Tuesday, noon, to ensure you are on the sign up list.

Our Wednesday Nights begin January 11 and will run through April 26.


Children’s Beginners Catechism (GCP)
Lead Me to Zion - Covenant Theology
Digging Deeper (GCP) - Westminster Shorter Catechism

weekly Updates

Weekly Parent Newsletter:

When dropping off your child please check in with KidCheck first. Check in stations are located just outside the nursery. If you are a first-time visitor, we can help you create an account to check in. Or you can go to to create your account before you arrive. Stickers will be printed with your child’s name, allergies or medical alerts we need to know about, and the guardian location. If we need to contact you for any reason while your child is in Sunday School, we will send you a text alert to your cell phone.

Book Recommendations

December: Advent - Christmas

The Advent Jesse Tree
Devotions for Children and Adults to prepare for the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas
By: Dean Lambert Smith

This book offers 25 devotions each for children and adults for every day from the first day of December through Christmas Day. Each devotion traces the heritage of Jesus through the stories and prophecies of the Old Testament.

The Christmas Promise

By: Alison Mitchell
Illustrated by: Catalina Echeverri

Why Christmas?

By: Barbara Reach

Many, many years ago God made a very special promise to his people---a promise that would deliver a king of all kings! Delight your children this Christmas season with the promise of hope that Jesus brings to us all. With whimsical illustrations and a simple text, this illustrated picture book introduces the Christmas story and its importance on us all, in a manner that young children can understand. Kids will discover a King that isn't ordinary, or like the ones we read in books or see in movies, but He is a New King, He is a Rescuing King, and He is a Forever King!
Why do we celebrate Christmas? Most children do not know the true answer to that question or why God sent Jesus to live on earth. Why Christmas? Is a helpful devotional with Scripture reading, memory verse, Christmas carol and questions to direct your child’s heart towards God. The readings, which begin on the first day of December, are Biblical, short, and effective. Colorful illustrations illuminate the events of the incarnation. This book will provide parents with the assistance they desire for leading their child to the Christ of Christmas.

A companion volume, Why Easter?, is also available to help parents teach their children about Jesus’ incarnation.

Barbara Reaoch is the Bible Study Fellowship International’s Director of children’s programs. For nearly 20 years, she taught women’s BSF classes in the US and South Africa.

Book Recommendations

December: Advent - Christmas

Good News of Great Joy
An Advent Devotional
By: Beth Myers
with Betty Ann (B.A.) Snider

Good News of Great Joy
25 Devotional Readings for Advent
By: John Piper

There's a Lion in my Nativity

By: Lizzie Laferton & Kim Barnes

This family devotion is suitable for ages 4-14 and can be used in a variety of ways. It contains Scripture, lesson, questions, a craft, a hymn to sing, and a memory verse. This daily devotional starts on the first Sunday of Advent and ends on Christmas Eve.

Advent helps us celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. This family devotional will explain to young and old alike the meaning of each candle that is lit on each Sunday. It also includes daily readings, Scripture memory, activities and hymns to help focus your family's celebration on Jesus. So help your family understand the "Good News of Great Joy."
In this story of a Christmas nativity play, Mary thinks she is the star of the show. However, as the play goes on, she finds that every scene has been stolen by an unlikely character or object, such as a tent, a phone and a lion!

With the help of the narrator, Mary realizes that each one actually teaches us a profound truth about Jesus. The tent teaches us that Jesus came to live among us humbly; the phone teaches us that Jesus came to connect us to God; and the lion shows us that Jesus is the king of the universe!

Lizzie is married to Carl and they have two young children. She is involved in teaching children’s groups at her church in Southwest London and co-authored the The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross Easter Calendar and devotional resource.

Kim Barnes is an illustrator specializing in children's books. She is based on the Isle of Wight, UK, where she grew up.

Questions or Interested in Serving?

We are always looking to find more people who want to help in the spiritual growth of our children. All of our volunteers that work with children and youth must be approved by our elders and pass a background check. If you would like more information on serving our covenantal children or have other questions about Children's Ministry, please contact Sydney below!