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Thinking Biblically and Living Covenantally

All women in our presbytery are encouraged to attend! Paula Miles is a trusted PCA Women's Trainer with many years of experience in Women's Ministry. Each woman will receive a notebook full of material and additional resources. Breakout discussion times will allow women from each church to process the material together based on their particular church context.

January 27, 7:00pm - January 28, 3:00pm

Westminster Presbyterian Church seeks to encourage and equip women through the ordinary means of grace.

Bible Studies

Winter/Spring 2023

Tuesday & Wednesday groups

The Old Testament narratives of Esther and Ruth feature women and men who act boldly and ultimately receive God's blessing. So does God help those who help themselves? Actually, he helps those who don't deserve it! See how our gracious God rescues his own and prepares them for Christ's coming.

Tuesday group:
Weekly beginning February 7
Prayer 9:15-10:00  |  Study 10:00-12:00

Wednesday group:
Weekly beginning January 11

Westminster Presbyterian Church


This study walks through this brief yet complex book of the Old Testament, studying Habakkuk's complaints and God's responses verse by verse. Examining themes of judgement, wrath, and salvation, we learn how to trust that God is at work through every trouble, rescuing believers in his own way and time.

Bi-monthly beginning January 12



First Samuel is a riveting read that introduces us to some of the most memorable figures in the Old Testament--some righteous and some desperately corrupt. The greatest of its heroes is David, a mighty man of faith who makes his distinctive contribution in preparing God's people for the Anointed One, the Messiah who comes to rule and to save.

Weekly beginning January 13

Westminster Presbyterian Church

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Women's Ministry Mission


Westminster Presbyterian Church seeks to encourage and equip women through the ordinary means of grace. Beginning with a solid foundation in worship, prayer, and the sacraments we believe that God builds His Church. It is the duty and delight of every believer to be trained in the Scriptures so that they may be “equipped for every good work.” Women are no exception. Multiple Bible studies are offered throughout the week that offer opportunity for both study and encouragement to walk the road wisely.


We heartily believe that men and women are equal and given differing roles within the church. We are thankful for the lavish gifts Christ has showered on out ladies for the building up of the Church and encourage women in the full exercise of those gifts in service to out local body and our community.


The gospel of our Lord is fleshed out in His covenant community, enriching our lives as we compassionately care for one another. Older and younger women, married and single, engineers and artists love one another, pray for and encourage one another to grow in the knowledge of Christ.

Jennifer Murphree

Director of Women's Ministry

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